3 insights about creativity #2


In the My Keep Calm Daily Craftbook we share seven insights to get your creativity flowing. Here are three of those insights. For example: it’s not about the result, it’s about the process.

Ignore your inner critic

According to Danny Penman, a British mindfulness expert, journalist and author of several mindfulness books, including Mindfulness for creativity, the negative thoughts that stream through our heads are deadly for creativity. “When you have a snide comment for everything you’re doing, you’re not giving creative thoughts a chance,” he says. “You won’t notice them or you will instantly dismiss them as silly ideas that are not good enough.” When a foolish and counterproductive thought passes by (You’re stupid; They’ll probably think your ideas are silly) you can choose to ignore it in a friendly manner. You are no longer trapped by thoughts that strangle every creative impulse. By stepping out of this obstructive spiral of thoughts, you regain control over your direction.

Here and now

Doing a project or prompt from this book will help you be focused on just one thing, so for a little while there will be no space in your head for distractions. And that includes all those notifications from WhatsApp/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn on your smartphone.

Childlike creativity

Here’s something good to keep in mind: It’s not about the end result, it’s about the process. Why is it that, as an adult, you suddenly have to make something really beautiful; Why does it have to tick all the boxes (boxes you decided upon yourself)? Why not just paste, cut and draw stuff without the end result necessarily having to represent anything, like when you were a child? In short: Let go of your expectations about the final result.

Text Caroline Buijs  Fotografie Amy Humphries/Unsplash.com

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