8 ways to be strong in a digital world

In Issue 36 journalist Jocelyn de Kwant compiles eight things that children (and adults) can learn to be strong in the digital world.

  1. Digital identity: How do you create an identity with integrity offline and online, and how do you use it?
  2. Digital use: How do you manage your screen time, maintain digital health? How do you not lose yourself in social media, and how do you keep your balance between offline and online?
  3. Digital safety: Understand the cyber risks; cyberbullying and being bullied. But also, how do you talk to each other with respect and empathy?
  4. Digital security: How do you protect your data and how do you handle passwords?
  5. Digital emotional intelligence: Empathy, how do you deal with your own feelings and those of others when you do not see each other in real life?
  6. Digital literacy: Critical thinking, how do you distinguish fake news from real news; how can you tell who you can trust and who not to?
  7. Digital communication: What trail are you leaving online (digital footprints) and how can that affect your real life?
  8. Digital rights: What does privacy mean, what are your rights and how do you protect them?
  • Read Jocelyn’s complete article on the necessary digital skills of the future in Issue 36.

Text Jocelyn de Kwant  Photography Elsa Noblet/Unsplash.com