Social Detox Week

Social detox-week

If we grab our phone on every quiet moment, our head will never get any rest. But it’s sometimes hard for us to quit, because others also expect us to be constantly available. That’s why Flow launched the first Social Out of Office, and to celebrate we’re hosting a Social Detox Week on our blog this week.

Imagine the things you might do without your smartphone. Like staring out of the train window as you commute, for example. People-watching while you stand in line for the checkout. Collapsing on the couch at the end of the day and watching the twilight take over your room. Wondering how a friend is doing – without checking Facebook to find out. Seeing what the weather is like by simply looking at the clouds and the sky. Flipping through magazines you would normally never read when you’re sitting in a waiting room.

If you constantly reach for your smartphone throughout your day, these kinds of moments will gradually disappear. So we had a thought: let’s become more aware of this behavior this week. The coming seven days we’ll share tips, exercises and stories that can help you to distance yourself from your phone a bit more. If you’re still struggling to tell people you’ll be unavailable for a few hours, use our Social Out of Office stickers and gifs. How you can do that, we explain here.

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