Flow Life Lesson 2

Flow Life Lessons

For more than ten years now, Flow has been promoting the message to live life slower. To seek happiness in the little things and to embrace life with all its ups and downs. We have made ten videos around these topics, with life lessons that are so very much needed in these hectic times. Lessons that we didn’t learn at school, but which we will benefit from all our lives. Watch the second video in this series below.

Striving for happiness leads to unhappiness

There’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That’s just a myth. Focusing too much on the future, with high expectations and the need to create our own happiness, can leave us feeling frustrated, disappointed or sad. Happiness isn’t a permanent state you can reach if you make the right decisions. When you enjoy the moment, instead of thinking about the past or the future, you might just find your pot of gold right there. In that unexpected, funny moment of joy and happiness.

About the maker

This video is made by Studio Iris Jacobs. Iris Jacobs is a Dutch filmmaker and director, visual artist and designer, currently based in Barcelona. She is exploring her way of telling stories by experimenting with various disciplines, and combining them. In the first fifteen years of her career she was mostly working as an art director and production designer for various media productions. During this time she also discovered her passion for stop motion animation, and later she started to combine this with her collage works. More than creating only images, she intends to let people feel something.

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Videoanimation Studio Iris Jacobs  Creative producer Linda Elisabeth Morris  Voice-over Moya Gorodecky