Stop reading that book

stop reading

We often feel obliged to finish reading a book that we aren’t actually enjoying. Why is that? Especially when there are so many that we do like, waiting for us to pick them up. Here are three reasons to put that book aside.

  1. No one will care
    Why leave a book on your bedside table for six months because you can’t get through it, when there are so many wonderful options waiting for you that you can enjoy? Nobody cares that you put that book back on the shelf.
  2. The book is worth no less
    “I spent so much money on it, the least I can do is read it,” is an often-mentioned reason to keep turning those pages. But it’s not necessarily true, because the book is still worth the same, regardless of whether you do or don’t read it. So gift it to a friend who will appreciate it instead, or use it as a Random act of kindness and place it somewhere in a public place for a stranger.
  3. It helps you focus
    So many different things vie for our attention nowadays that it can be nice to turn to books to help create more focus in our lives. Which is why you should only read the books that are worthy of your attention. If you read a book that you have no connection with, then you will find you’ll get distracted quicker and your attention will once again be divided. At the end of the day: if you want to focus better, then choose the right books for you.

Text Bente van de Wouw/Julia Gorodecky  Photography Gregory Culmer/

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