Fill-in journal: Made out of stars

Made out of stars

Deep-down, we secretly miss those Fill-in Journals and Friendship Books of our childhood days. Thankfully, illustrator Meera Lee Patel has made a Fill-in Journal for adults, called Made Out of Stars.

What is really important in life now? How can I better understand and accept myself? These are the kinds of questions you’ll come across in the guided journal, Made Out of Stars. In addition to its beautiful design and illustrations, the book also features wonderfully insightful quotes and prompts. With plenty of room to write as well, it encourages you to do and reflect, which can lead to you seeing things in a different way.

In her book, Meera Lee Patel talks about how, like stars, we are each held together by our own indescribable forces. Her message is this: ‘Feeling connected to the world begins by nurturing the connection you have with yourself.’

  • More information about Made Out of Stars can be found here (Penguin Books).

Photography and illustrations Meera Lee Patel