Flow Mindfulness

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A Mindful Beginning
“The Mindful Revolution,” was the headline on the cover of “Time” Magazine, one of America’s mocht influential news magazines, about a year ago. We thought that was funny, because seven years ago, when we dreamed up plan to make a magazine more of less based on mindfulness, the practice was till relatively unknown. It had developed into an important tool in psychology., and is now even taken seriously by the established media. We are genially happy that a practice we already sensed would be a great basis for a new way of living is growing so quickly all over the world. Astrid & Irene – creative directors Flow

This Mindfulness special – from the makers of Flow – includes:
* Interviews with Tara Brach, John Teasdale and Ruby Wax
* Features about self-compassion, mindful running and how to deal with jealousy, fear and anger
* Paper goodies: “One Thought a Day” diary, postcards, a booklet about the joy of doing one thing at a time, and more
* A Mindfulness Guide: information on courses, vacations, books and workshops
The Flow Mindfulness special is out now.