Wood cabins

We are busy gathering the addresses of the best B&Bs, hotels and other overnight locations we can find. All of which, we feel, are great places to go for a weekend or a bit longer. The wood cabins of Les Cabanes de Rensiwez in the Belgian Ardennes are so beautiful, you will never want to leave.

Special features
Romantic cabins surrounded by nature. No TV, radio, Wifi and city noises so here you can relax entirely. There’s only the rustle of the wind or the cry of an owl. The eleven cabins have a warm and cozy decor. Everything in the cabin is made of wood, from the terrace to the built-in kitchen. Also, all cabins have a wood-burning stove. Each cabin is different. Some have the bed in the middle, with a nice view. In others, you sleep in a cozy alcove, close to the fire. There are also cabins with sauna or Norwegian bath.

141224_woodcabins_2.jpgOur tip
Go for a walk, it doesn’t matter which direction you take. Along the way, you will pass through small villages where you can usually find a place to eat. The brewery Brasserie d’Achouffe is within walking distance.

141224_woodcabins_3.jpgGood food
Show your cabin key at Le Vieil Engreux and you’ll get a free drink. Here, you can enjoy the delicious local beer and cuisine. The specialties include game in season and dishes with mushrooms.


Good to know
Newly weds or couples celebrating their wedding anniversary receive a small gift.

Cabin for two people for a weekend costs from €209 to €324 in the low season. Breakfast is optional and costs €10.50 per person.