Living in a school bus


Ophelia (37), her husband Julien (35) and their dog live in Paradise Valley, close to Vancouver in Canada. They have converted an old school bus into a living space and feel their home is “too good to be true.”

The couple spends almost their entire time outdoors, walking, hiking, climbing, skiing, swimming and cycling in the mountains. Ophelia says, “We believe in a simple life and don’t want a lot of stuff. We want to spend our precious time on things we love and don’t want to just be working hard to pay off an enormous mortgage. To limit our expenses, last year we turned the inside of a school bus into a cozy wooden house.”



At the moment, the bus is located at an organic farm with cows, chickens and horses, in a woody area that is close to a river, lake and the Pacific Ocean. Ophelia and Julien say it’s the perfect spot. Read more about their adventures on Ophelia’s blog.