À la vieille école in Monségur (France)

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 À la vieille école in Monségur (France)

Special features
This Bed & Breakfast is located in an old school building, and you can still tell when you walk in the door. Many original elements have been preserved, such as the wooden floors, the tiles, a school bench, wooden shutters and doors. The first floor used to house the classrooms and as you walk through the hallway you can feel the old atmosphere. There are three themed rooms: Géographie with old antique globes, Histoire with an old suitcase and Mathématiques with its abacus.

What’s for breakfast?
Breakfast is pleasingly French: croissant, chocolate roll, baguette, fresh eggs, freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie, jam and chocolate spread.

Our tip
Visit the beaches of Biarritz or go tour around the Pyrenees.

Good food
Stay right where you are, as they cook delicious French food. Often a regional dish like confit de canard or tournedos de canard and pastis landais as dessert, with regional wines to match, a Tursan or Madiran.

Price per night per room starting at € 90 for a two-person studio including breakfast.