L’ Auberge du Notaire

We’re gathering the addresses of the best B&Bs, hotels and other overnight locations we can find. All of which, we feel, are great places to go for a weekend or a bit longer. L’Auberge du Notaire is a small hotel in a beautiful old notary building, located in the village of Vielsalm in the Belgian Ardennes. The rooms are full of character and the food is delicious.   AubergeDuNotaire14_2What makes L’Auberge du Notaire a great place to stay?
The Dutch owners Mart and Monique give you a very warm reception and really make you feel at home. Monique is a fantastic chef, and each evening she cooks the best that Belgian cuisine has to offer. The building itself is full of history, so you’ll be dining (for example) in the former notary’s office.

AubergeDuNotaire7 kopieWhere do you sleep?
In all, the hotel has nine characteristic bedrooms, with themes such as “The Notary’s Room” or “The Archives.” Several of the rooms have a story to tell, and you may find a beautiful poem printed on your pillow or a text on the wall wishing you a good night. For breakfast, Mart will make you a delicious plate of eggs, while Monique serves freshly baked bread.

AubergeDuNotaire5 kopieOur tip
As Mart and Monique are huge fans of food, they have some fantastic tips. “Half an hour’s drive from here, you’ll find the traditional chocolate maker, Defroidmont. Or you can visit the brewer-turned-pharmacist in Bellevaux,” says Monique.

A double room at L’Auberge du Notaire starts at €130 per night, including breakfast.