Hotel Credible in Nijmegen

We have been collecting all the best getaway venues: B&Bs, hotels and other places to stay. All great destinations for a weekend away or a bit longer. This hotel is a little bit of Berlin in Nijmegen, with creative interior design, texts on the walls and no check-in lobby.

Lekkerweg_beeld_45_Hotel Credible

Special features
Hotel Credible is different than other hotels, it is very relaxed, creative, laid back and friendly. No reception or boring hotel lobby here, but lounge sofas, an open fireplace, nice bar area and a view over Nijmegen city park. The rooms all have very creative interior design, with recycled wooden desks and texts decorating the walls; there is even a foosball table in some rooms. When you check in you are offered a nice cup of soup. It is actually a like a little bit of Berlin in Nijmegen.

What’s for breakfast?
You get to choose between a small, medium or ‘in-credible’ breakfast. This means either a nice fresh croissant with organic cheese, or, when you choose in-credible, a freshly baked berry muffin with a selection of breads, fresh fruit, fresh OJ, bacon, fromage frais and various toppings.

Our tip
A large map of Nijmegen is hanging in the bar, showing all the locals’ favorite spots. You can use the hotel’s electric bicycles to tour the Ooijpolder, a nature reserve directly next to the hotel. In the summer, take time out to relax at one of the Waalstrandjes (beaches).

Good food
Flores is in the same street as Credible and is one of the tastiest and best bistro restaurants in the Netherlands. (

Good to know
Credible has a DJ playing a mix of soul, funk and disco on Saturdays after dinner. All pure vinyl, in perfect sync with the hotel’s style.

Price per night for a double room starts at € 60 excluding breakfast.