Hotel Altijd Wad

Hotel altijd wad 1We’re gathering the addresses of the best B&Bs, hotels and other overnight locations we can find. All of which, we feel, are great places to go for a weekend or a bit longer. Hotel Altijd Wad on the West Frisian Island of Terschelling in the Netherlands is a must for those who love small and casual.

What makes Hotel Altijd Wad a great place to stay?
Hotel Altijd Wad is a fabulous little place located in the village of West Terschelling. Turn left out the front door and you’re at the Brandaris lighthouse; walk straight on and you’re in the dunes, heading for the beach. The hotel is small and the atmosphere is very casual. The hotel rooms, one-bedroom studio apartment, and two-bedroom little house are all different and quirkily decorated with a retro touch.

What’s for breakfast?
The bread is bought early from the bakers, so it’s fresh and warm. You can also have warm sugar bread (a Frisian speciality), and sometimes even French toast, boiled eggs, whipped milk with your coffee, and homemade jam using strawberries picked from the ‘pick-your-own’ garden in Oosterend. When the weather’s good, you can enjoy breakfast in the garden.

Our tip
Terschelling is a beautiful island with wonderful beaches. Take a picnic basket from Hotel Altijd Wad, filled with all kinds of delicious things inside as well as a bottle of wine, and explore it at your leisure.

Good food
Restaurant De Zee has an original Italian wood-burning oven, which they use to cook their food in. They work with sustainable ingredients, preferably from the island. The restaurant has a cozy, living-room atmosphere, with beautiful flowers dotted around and lots of lovely details.

A room for two at Hotel Altijd Wad starts from €75 per night, including breakfast.

Hotel altijd wad 2