Farmhouse Erve Veldink in Haarlo (East of Holland)

We have been collecting all the best getaway venues: B&Bs, hotels and other places to stay. All great destinations for a weekend away or a bit longer. On this farm you stay in a Finnish style tree hut. The atmosphere is special as there are many opportunities to do things with other guests, such as shared dinners, and a singsong of mantras.

Lekkerweg_beeld_67_Boerderij Erve Veldink in Haarlo (Achterhoek)

Special features
A long driveway brings you to a place outside of time. Centuries-old forests, chickens scratching, ducks doing their funny little walks, and a proud peacock who can’t wait to show you how beautiful he is. You will shed your daily worries in an instant. Up high, between three large oak trees, a tree hut has been built, designed especially for this location. You can enjoy a fantastic view from up there, between the owls and other birds. The six-sided kota, originally from Finland, is a cozy spot for one person. The perfect spot to withdraw and recharge, in front of the woodstove and on a little reindeer rug.

What’s for breakfast?
You are served a delicious vegetarian and organic breakfast here. Every day there are different treats: fresh smoothie, spelt pancakes with fruit, homemade bread. But you are also allowed to arrange your own breakfast if you like.

Our tip
Enjoy the silence and recharge your batteries in this idyllic spot. Or maybe put on your good walking shoes and walk around the area for hours. Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the fox. It is also possible to book a massage or sound treatment, or an individual or group retreat. Every Wednesday there is a shared dinner. Often there is a program of sorts afterwards, ranging from a meditative sound concert to a singsong of mantras, or watching an interesting documentary or beautiful movie together.

Good to know
What makes this place so special, is that it is working on developing a new way of living together: it’s more like a small living community. The owners are taking care of the location and guests together. There is plenty of room for beautiful encounters.

Price per tree hut for a weekend (three nights) starts at € 165, suitable for up to three people. Price for the Finnish kota for a weekend (three nights) starts at € 90, suitable for one person.