APlace in Antwerp

We’re gathering the addresses of the best B&Bs, hotels and other overnight locations we can find. All of which, we feel, are great places to go for a weekend or a bit longer. If you’re a real lover of vintage, then you can sate your heart’s desire at aplace/antwerp inyup, you guessed itAntwerp, with an interior that exudes vintage charm and a neighborhood that is full of wonderful shops.


What makes aplace/antwerp a great place to stay?
Aplace/antwerp has lovely apartments and suites, and is located on a lively square right in the center of Antwerp that hasn’t yet been discovered by the masses. The nicest part about it is the décor, which is full of vintage trinkets and furniture that the owner has found at flea markets. Which means that new things are added every week. You’ll also find turntables in the apartments, with a generous collection of vinyl from the 1970s; and when you feel like watching a movie, E.T. is ready and waiting for you too. You’ll definitely want to call home to stay you’re going to be staying here for good.

Our tip
During your stay, a visit to the local weekly furniture auction (on a Friday) is a must. It’s truly unique and has a fantastic atmosphere. You can bid for gems or simply soak up the excitement; whatever you choose to do, you’re bound to enjoy yourself. It’s a vintage-enthusiasts dream come true. A stroll down Kloosterstraat on a Sunday is another must-do. All the stores are open, and they’re mainly vintage-, design- and antique shops. There is also the lovely concept store, “Your”, and of course plenty of cozy cafés and restaurants.

Good food
Het nieuwe palinghuis is an old-fashioned seafood restaurant worth visiting. And the star chef from Fornuis (Johan Seegers) will soon be opening his own place up on the Vrijdagmarkt. An event that the whole of Antwerp is already talking about.


Good to know
Dogs are welcome at aplace/antwerp (provided you adhere to the conditions). This only applies to the apartments, as the suites are carpeted and therefore not suitable for animals. The suite costs €125 per night, and the apartment costs €140 per night, with a minimum three-night stay.