Pinning with Emily

American illustrator Emily Isabella kicks off the new year as our guest pinner. You can see her work regularly in Flow, including the Flow Book for Paper Lovers 5.

Emily lives with her husband Paul in a self-sufficient house they built themselves in the countryside, north of New York, US. “I love being outdoors and am constantly inspired by nature. I also learn a lot from it; I look at beetles or the lines on a petal very carefully. It helps me to stay creative.” Emily never leaves the house without her art supplies, and prefers to sketch while seated on a picnic blanket or during long walks. “I like working with oil paints, soft pencils and clay, but I use gouache the most; it dries quickly and is easy to carry around.”
  • During the month of January, Emily will be sharing her favorite pictures with us on Pinterest. You can follow Emily’s board here.
  • As well as seeing Emily’s illustrations in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers 5, you can also admire her work on her website.
  • Emily takes over as our guest pinner from Agnes Loonstra, whose pins—as well as those of all our previous guest pinners—you can see on our Pinterest page.