Three ways to feel more empowered

Need a bit of a boost to steady those nerves just before an interview, presentation or meeting? Here are three ways that can help you feel more empowered.

  • Pump up the music (especially the bass). Research from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois, US, has shown that listening to bass-heavy music unconsciously evokes more feelings of power.
  • Take ten minutes just before you are ‘on’ to write down a situation where you were in a position of power. Studies from the Colombia Business School in the US show that this brief moment of self-promotion will significantly improve your performance.

  • Reset your emotional state. Occupy your mind with something that provides an emotional distraction, without disturbing the functionality of your logical brain. Options include sharing a funny story with a friend over the phone, singing on your way there or playing a game that doesn’t require too much thought.

Sources Social Psychological and Personality Science; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Text Julia Gorodecky  Photography Shutterstock