How to accept help more often

Accept help

Sometimes we find it hard to accept help from others – even though we might badly need it. Belgian psychologist Nathalie Cardinaels offers the following ‘helping thoughts’ to enable us to ask for or accept help.

  1. Even the strongest person in the group, the most stable rock, needs help now and then. This has nothing to do with weakness but with being human.
  2. You might be afraid to ask for help because you don’t want to be a burden to others. However, the other person really will say so if it’s not convenient for them (at that time).
  3. The other person might actually see it as a compliment that you’re asking them for help. This means that you see and value their insight and capabilities.
  4. If someone offers to help, you just say yes even if you’re thinking ‘I can do it myself”. Why not just wait and see what the benefits are?
  • In Issue 27, journalist Catelijne Elzes discovers how asking for help every now and then can have many benefits.

Text Catelijne Elzes Photography Heftiba