9x nature at work

nature at work

Nature leaves us feeling so calm, but how do you bring it closer to your daily workplace? Here are 9 tips from the book, Into Nature.

  • Hang your favorite nature photo on the wall of your workplace.
  • Create a screensaver that shows photos of nature.
  • Put at least one plant on your desk.
  • Open the window, let the light and the outside world in.
  • Pop on your headphones and listen to nature sounds.
  • Frame a photo of your favorite landscape or animal.
  • Pause and go outside (without your phone).
  • Listen to the signals from your body.
  • Breathe consciously and take every moment as it comes.

These book tips come from Into Nature: A Creative Field Guide and Journal by Alexandra Frey and Autumn Totton of The Mindfulness Project.

Photography Prudence Earl

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