8 ideas for micro adventures

micro adventures

You don’t always have to do big, crazy or expensive things to live an adventurous life. Sometimes the adventure is closer than you think – you just have to look for it.

  • Enjoy a special route
    You don’t have to plan an extensive road trip to discover the beautiful parts of your own country: you can also do it by public transport. Plan a train or bus route – or simply jump on one at random (see below) – and watch a new world go by out the window.
  • Take a morning or evening dip
    There’s nothing as lovely as the sound of the waves lapping against a shore. Start the day fresh and relaxed with a morning dip or end it with an evening swim under the stars. Flow’s Astrid is a fan of wild swimming and collates beautiful images inspired by outdoor swimming on her Pinterest Board ‘Morning swim with Astrid‘.
  • Sleep under the stars
    It may well sound very adventurous, but the stars can be seen from anywhere so you don’t have to pull up on the beach in a vintage camper van (although deep down we really, really would love to do that at least once). The micro version of this adventure is simply to grab a sleeping bag, set yourself up in the garden (or any other outdoor space you can), and enjoy all the beauty in the sky above.
  • Outdoor cinema
    Watch a movie outdoors: it feels a bit different than ‘just’ going to the cinema.
  • Small museums
    No matter how impressive institutions such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the MoMA in New York are, there are also plenty of small museums with lots of beautiful things to discover. Who knows, there might be one in your area.
  • Eat something new
    It can also be fun to do something different in culinary terms from time to time. Make a recipe with ingredients that you’re not familiar with, or order something from the menu that you’ve never heard of next time you’re in a restaurant. You might just discover a new favorite.
  • Travel to an unknown destination
    This can be done in all sorts of ways. Get on the train and set a timer that determines when you have to get off. Or blindly pin a spot on the map (be it in your own country or abroad) and choose a way to get yourself there (by plane, train, bike or automobile, for instance).
  • Choose a movie, any movie…
    If setting off to an unknown place is just a bit too much for you, you can also surprise yourself with a movie. Go to the cinema and buy a ticket for the next movie that is playing – no matter what it is. It’s easy to do in a multiplex cinema, but it’s even more fun in a smaller independent or art house cinema that also plays old and foreign movies.

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Text Quirine Brouwer & Julia Gorodecky  Photography Leio McLaren / Unsplash.com