5 tips to embrace imperfection


Five tips about the beauty of not always having to be perfect, and how to embrace imperfection.

  • Wabi Sabi

    According to the Japanese philosophy of life Wabi Sabi, beauty lies in the imperfect. Wabi Sabi does not emphasize the result, but the process. Your hand makes something unique. And because it is unique, it will be imperfect. Of course it’s important to do things right, but that doesn’t mean it has to be perfect.

  • Let go

    Perfectionism has to do with how you want to be seen. Namely: as perfect. But remember: that is an unattainable goal. Because you have absolutely no influence on how you are seen by others — no matter how much time and energy you put into it. And that renders the fear of what others think meaningless.

  • Good is good enough

    Do you want your friends and/or guests to wonder in awe: what a beautifully styled house! What delicious food! How did she manage to do that so perfectly! Or is it enough that they simply enjoy it? Because the latter saves you a lot of stress during preparation and when you are together.

  • Let it be

    What will be, will be: it’s a fine attitude to have in life as well as during parties and events. Of course you do your best, but by trying to be the perfect host(ess), you’re probably walking around like a headless chicken. Which isn’t that nice for you, nor for your guests. In short: let things take their course and, in particular, try to see the funny side of things that ‘fail’.

  • Take a risk every now and then

    Here’s something worth knowing: if you always try to avoid mistakes, you will become less flexible and creative. And what a shame that would be! Let go of the control, and yes, you might make a mistake. But: you’ll also arrive at new ideas and creative insights.

Photography Ckturistando/Unsplash.com

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