5 apps to wake up calmly with

It may well pull us out of our reverie, but that shrill alarm clock on our phones can sometimes be a bit harsh first thing in the morning, which doesn’t exactly make for a pleasant start to the day. And if it’s still cold and dark outside, getting out of our nice warm and snug beds can prove to be quite an endeavor. So, here are some apps that can help ease the burden.

SunriseSoothing Alarm Clock

Wake up at sunrise, just how nature intended. This app knows exactly when sunrise will take place and starts to slowly wake you up fifteen minutes beforehand. Admittedly this might not be the ideal choice during winter if you want to get to work on time, but it is a nice choice if you want to maintain a natural sleep rhythm at the weekend. (Sunrise, iOS, free)

Sleepzy Sleep Cycle Tracker

The best way to wake up is to do so slowly during your lightest sleep phase. This smart app tracks your natural sleep rhythm, so it can wake you up at the optimal time. And if you choose to set the alarm yourself, you can use a program that starts to wake you up slowly 30 minutes beforehand with soft, natural sounds. What’s more: thanks to motion sensors, the app also knows whether you have had enough sleep and analyzes your sleep quality. (Sleepzy Sleep Cycle Tracker, iOS, free plus in-app purchases)

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle does pretty much the same as the Sleepzy Sleep Cycle Tracker app described above. It keeps track of your sleep quality, the number of hours you have slept, and you can choose an alarm clock that will wake you up slowly during your last moments of light sleep. (Sleep Cycle, iOS and Android, free plus in-app purchases)


If you need that extra push when it comes to getting up each morning, and the above apps don’t quite work for you, then give Alarmy a go. This app takes a different approach and requires you to get out of bed to switch the alarm off. You have to take a photo of a certain area or room of your choice (such as your corridor or bathroom) to silence the alarm. If you find that a bit too severe, you can also choose to solve a calculation. (Alarmy, iOS and Android, free)

Yoga Wake Up

Waking up to yoga and meditation instead of a timeline full of photos of other people’s perfect lives: what a great way to start your day. With the Yoga Wake Up app, you’re guided by experts and are given various yoga and meditation exercises that you can easily do in bed. (Yoga wake up, iOS and Android, free)

Text Quirine Brouwer  Translation Julia Gorodecky  Photography Matthew Henry/Unsplash.com