Yelena Bryksenkova’s happy things

What do you notice when you have a positive outlook on the world? For issue 19, we asked seven illustrators to draw the good things in life that makes them happy. One of them is Yelena Bryksenkova.

“I have discovered a whole new way of working. My partner’s work recently took us to a smaller town where there’s not a whole lot to do. We worried that might take some time and effort getting used to, but instead we’ve discovered a new – slower – way to live. We take our time cooking meals, tending our many potted plants, and during the weekend we go out and explore our new hometown. I feel happier and more mindful than I have felt anywhere else in a long time.”

  • You can see more of Yelena’s work on her website.
  • The happy things of the six other illustrators can be found in issue 19.

Illustration Yelena Bryksenkova