Polly Fern

In each issue of Flow Magazine, we ask three creative people: What are you up to? In Issue 17, one of them is Polly Fern, an illustrator, ceramicist and canary keeper from Norwich, UK. You can read a snippet of the article below.

Can you describe an average working day?
“The first thing I do every day is feed my canaries and have breakfast with my boyfriend. Then I plan out my day. When I’m not too busy with my illustration work, I like to go to the ceramic studio and get messy with some clay.”

What inspires you?
“Local, everyday stories. I love to discover gardens, or buildings with a rich history of craft. I also visit my local library because it has a fantastic heritage center where I can delve into the archives and discover the history of people’s lives within Norfolk. Thinking back to my childhood also inspires me, as I grew up in the Norfolk countryside and lived on a farm at a very young age. I had previously been a working dairy farm that my grandparents ran. My grandmother had a collection of pottery, all of which featured cow motifs, and I think of it often – it helps inspire my ceramic works.”

  • You can read the interview in Issue 17, which is available in our shop.
  • Do you want to see more of Polly Fern? Take a look at her website.

Text Jeannette Jonker