New guest pinner

A peek inside her sketchbook, vintage images, interiors, cheerful illustrations and much more. As our guest pinner in August, Nina Cosford shared some lovely images on our Pinterest page—thank you! This month, designer Elizabeth Olwen takes her place.

Originally from Canada, Elizabeth is currently living in Lisbon, Portugal, where she spends as much time as she can on the beach. “Every beach here is so different, I still have so much to discover.” In addition to guest pinning for us, Elizabeth will spend September traveling around Portugal together with friends from Toronto. They plan to visit the Azores, which Elizabeth is looking forward to. “It will be an inspiring trip, and sure to bring lots of new ideas for new work.
I’m currently finishing up my next fabric collection, developing a new stationery line and will be working to bring my next big collection to life… I recently made a conscious decision to change the way I work: Instead of small, sweet collections, I have started building larger, more robust collections that I spend months developing and turning into something thoroughly explored and quite meaningful to me.”

Saving inspiration
The thing that Elizabeth likes about Pinterest is that she can easily create moodboards and organize her inspiration for future reference. “It’s such an amazing tool for keeping images. It also keeps me in the loop about the illustration community and exposes me to new artists that I love. And most of all, on just a purely intuitive level, I just find all the colors and styles to be a little blast of inspiration and it wakes me up to lots of new ideas. My new collection is a little nod to the past and is infused with happiness, so I look forward to pinning lots of vintage pattern inspiration, gorgeous color palettes and joy-filled imagery.”

  • Elizabeth will be sharing her favorite images on Pinterest throughout September. You can follow the Pinterest board here.
  • You can still admire Nina’s pins and those of our previous guest pinners on our Pinterest page.
  • If you would like to see more from Elizabeth Olwen, you can visit her website or read an interview with her in Issue 25.