New guest pinner: Jodi Levine

Jodi Levine

Corrie Beth Hogg showed us on Pinterest what inspires her for the month of October. Thank you, Corrie! This month crafter and designer Jodi Levine takes over.

For Jodi, Pinterest fulfills a number of needs. “I use Pinterest for inspiration, organization, and communication in all areas of my life as well as for self-promotion. And sometimes I just scroll through my feed to quiet my mind by looking at pretty things before I go to sleep.” Jodi especially likes to use Pinterest for finding inspiration for her work. “Sparks of inspiration come in an unexpected ways. My favorite happy accidents happen when scrolling through Pinterest on my phone and seeing something that will give me an idea for a craft, for example, a cupcake design. I’ll be looking at a tiny image (without my glasses) on my phone when I click on it, I see that it was actually an artwork, or a toy!”

Jodi keeps all her pins in a clear and organized manner, so that she can always easily find what she’s looking for. “I used to have one dessert board, and now I have “chocolate chip cookies” (yes!), “try with the kids”, “snacks”, “entertaining”, and more.” What can we expect of Jodi as a guest pinner? “Bright colors and whimsy! Crafts, interiors, pretty food, fashion, paper crafts, art, illustration, patterns, and typography.”

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  • Want to see more of Jodi Levine and her work? Go to her website or Instagram.

Jodi Levine