The prints of Justyna Medoń

Justyna Medoń

In every Flow, three creative people tell about their work and what inspires them. In Issue 27, surface pattern designer and printmaker Justyna Medoń talks a bit more about how she makes her patterns and prints.

Can you tell us about your work? 

“I studied Surface Design at University of the Arts London in the UK, and found my passion for printmaking, wallpapers and textiles. After graduating, I moved to 
my native Poland for a few years and 
co-founded Red Poppy studio in Warsaw. In 2015, my wife Monika and I moved to Bristol, UK, and we founded Addicted to Patterns. I design one collection each year, which includes new patterns and color variations for existing designs. I’m currently preparing our new wall hangings collection and am getting ready for 
some exhibitions.”

What inspires you?

“I’m inspired by nature, art history, geometry and science. And also the accidental marks created in the printmaking process.”

What is your specialty?

“The combination of organic and geometric motifs. Whenever I think about patterns, 
I try to merge them together. I love printing on a large scale, which is why wall hangings are one of my favorite surfaces to cover. They give you space to work with a repeating pattern or allow you to drift and create large-scale illustrative murals.”

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Text Jeannette Jonker Photography Justyna Medoń