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Can you still remember those childhood birthdays or Christmases when you saw all those presents with your name on them? The great, buzzing sense of expectation of what that promising pile could hold? Which was almost better than the feeling you had once you had opened everything. Naturally, you were happy with your gifts, but it was a pity it was over…

I still like getting presents—even though I always say that it really wasn’t necessary (but sweet :)). I think I actually prefer to give them, however. I often take along a gift if I’m meeting someone, just as a small token of appreciation.


The Japanese origami book that I found and that I already mentioned briefly in my first post has the best tips on how to wrap a gift. Most of the examples were so complicated that I had no luck in finishing them, no matter how hard I tried, believe me. But this one is doable.

Make sure the paper is at least four times as long as the item you’re going to wrap, otherwise it won’t work. The width must be at least a few centimeters bigger than the item, so that you can paste it shut.

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Make the folds in the paper; these work best if you pick up the paper on both sides and then make the fold. The next fold you make needs to lie just below the previous one, and so on.

I made four folds, but you can also make more or less—whatever you like.

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In between each fold, there’s a small space where you can insert something, like a beautiful postage stamp, a love letter or a pretty picture.

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Another simple way to brighten up a parcel and make it more festive is to make a paper ribbon, like this one here, which you can place round the present. The flower I used is a design by Jurianne Matter.

You can, of course, also use a different paper flower—there are some simple tissue-paper flowers in my book Vive la vie (Dutch only)—or alternatively crotchet something or cut something out of an old picture book.

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First measure the size of your parcel, and cut the paper three times that length. Then, fold it as instructed above. Don’t use paper that is too thick, because it will be difficult to tie the knot.


You can also insert a little card in between the folds.

This week, on my blog Ingthings, I’m giving away a wrapped present. You won’t know what you’ll get, but that’s the beauty of it isn’t it?

Next week will be my last blog for Flow, and will include drawings that you can print yourself.

All the best, Ingrid