Bodil Jane (4/4)

We yield the floor to Amsterdam based Bodil Jane (Bodil is her first name, Jane her second: together they are her alias), who recently graduated as an illustrator. She’s already made lots of beautiful illustrations for a variety of clients.

Hi there, Flow blog readers,
My final guest blog for Flow already! I’d like to finish with one of my favorite subjects: the plant. To me plants are an infinite source of inspiration. I love to sketch in a botanical garden and I’ve visited many of them. The prettiest ones, to me, are the Botanisk Have in Copenhagen and the Giardini Botanici Hanbury in Ventimiglia, Italy.


I like to use plants in my illustrations as well. During my internship at the Weidesign&more design shop in Haarlem I worked with plants a lot. I used to make pop-up plants for in the shop and I painted plates with flowers.


I also photograph them. For instance during a bike ride in Amsterdam or simply at home. I made a window drawing of a plant at home as well.


At Koninginnedag (Queen’s day, a very popular holiday in the Netherlands that involves a huge open air flea market) I always manage to score something plant related. Last year I found these lovely stamps and a flower press. The latter is very easy to make actually.


You can follow my plant pictures via Instagram (@bodiljane). And of course all the other stuff that inspires me. Via Facebook you can see my work in progress.

x Bodil Jane