The bullet journal of @bumblebujo

bullet journal

We already know bullet journaling is a simple solution for keeping yourself organized. By spending some time on Instagram, we found out you can use it for your creativity as well. We asked a couple of creative people about their bullet journal and their golden tip for beginners. Kim posts pictures of her bullet journal on Instagram under the name of @bumblebujo.

Why did you start with a bullet journal?

Kim: “I’ve always been a fan of planners and journals. At the beginning of every year, I would always buy myself a diary and vow to stick with it for the whole year. But a few months into the year, I always end up forgetting to use it and eventually revert back to using my phone calendar for all my appointments. When I stumbled upon the bullet journal one day while randomly browsing Pinterest, I saw all the beautiful hand drawn spreads and how flexible the system was and it piqued my interest.

After doing further research, I quickly realised that this was exactly the planner system which I’d been looking for. Finally I could amalgamate all my little to-do lists, my appointments and my sketchbook all into one book. Each month that I bullet journal, I fall deeper in love with the whole system. It’s a great way to unplug from our technologically driven lives and enjoy a few hours of the analog life.”

What makes the bullet journal so likeable?

“Mainly for its flexibility. I love that it could be whatever you wanted it to be. It is essentially my planner, diary, to-do list and sketchbook all rolled into one beautiful notebook. Being able to rapid log in my weekly spreads also helps me to be more efficient and productive. But most importantly, I love that it gives me the opportunity to be both creative and functional all at the same time. It helped reignited my passion for drawing and motivated me to continue to practice my drawing skills on a weekly basis. Spending a few hours a week drawing in my bullet journal has become very important for me and something I look forward to doing.”

What’s your favorite kind of page? 

“The monthly cover page. It’s a page in which it’s done purely for creativity rather than functionality. The monthly log and weekly log spreads are pages which I try to find that balance between art and function. However the monthly cover page is something that I can really indulge in and just have fun with. I tend to spend more time drawing up my monthly cover page because it usually involves a more intricate artwork. But I love the time spent creating it, it really is my form of mindfulness.”

Do you have a golden tip for everyone that would like to start with a bullet journal?

“I think the best tip I can give anyone who wants to start a bullet journal is to just do it, and don’t compare your journal to anyone else’s. People always tell me that they want to start but they are intimidated by all the beautiful bullet journals they see on Instagram and Pinterest. As much as I love incorporating art into my spreads, the functionality of it is always first priority. As long as the bullet journal is functional for you, all the other embellishments come second. But if you really wanted to get creative and add art to your spreads, then it’s best to add it gradually as to not overwhelm yourself. Have fun with it, if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong.”

Photography Kim C