All things we like

Simply everything they like, that’s what Janneke van der Heijden and Daan Vergouw make and sell, hence the name.

120714_SaturdayMarket_ALL THINGS WE LIKEJanneke and Daan, who are the women behind this shop?
Janneke: “We went to art school together, started our own designer label in 2012 and we’ve been friends for over ten years.  I live in Utrecht with my son Finn (1) and boyfriend Laurens – also a designer and illustrator – and Miep the cat. Laurens also designs for All Things We Like. For instance, he made the great illustrations of pirates and monsters on our children’s clothes line and the animals of the Bamboo Zoo. Daan lives really close by with her boyfriend Martijn. Apart from working for our shop she also works for another company  in marketing and public relations. Laurens and I also work on graphic and web design assignments under the name of ‘Studio Katapult’ (‘Studio Slingshot’).”

Why do you use a 3D printer?
We really enjoy experimenting with the latest techniques, colors and materials. So it’s always very exciting to see whether it will work! We like to skirt the edge of what is possible. A lot of our designs need to be adapted because they’re too fine or the material isn’t strong enough. That’s why some of our designs take some time, but we do end up with the best results. This week our new collection of 3D necklaces will be ready, with summery pineapples and strawberries and little thunder clouds.”

What are your future plans concerning your label?
“We keep getting increasingly busy, we are in quite a few shops already and we’re featured in magazines on a regular basis. That offers us the opportunity to expand and design new collections. Other than that, Daan is experimenting with ceramics and Laurens and I are trying out screen printing. Follow us on Facebook, so you can witness our latest experiments and designs!”