Hear hear

An adorable little shop you will easily fall in love with, that’s the little ‘real’ and web shop filled with lifestyle and design accessories that belongs to Rena Noordermeer. And a little bit to her boyfriend Sam as well.


Can you tell us a little about yourselves?
“My name is Rena Noordermeer and I am 29. I live together with my honey Sam and our four guinea pigs in Amsterdam. I have a background in graphic design and Sam is a born entrepreneur. He has been the proud owner of Pristine Cyclery, the prettiest bicycle shop in Amsterdam. Even though Hear Hear is mostly my project, Sam’s experience has been invaluable. He’s the business brain and I am the creative brain; we make a great team!”

Why did you start a shop in the middle of a crisis?
“Starting my own shop selling special stuff has been a long-held dream of mine, but because living your dreams is just plain scary I was still stuck in the ‘one-day-when-I-grow-up’ phase. With lots of help from Sam I finally took the plunge and I started Hearhearamsterdam.nl. Which has been extended by a ‘real’ store in one of the cutest premises in Amsterdam. The perfect place was up for grabs and we jumped at the chance. Crisis is a scary word but I think you should always try to look beyond fear. The great advantages of living in a busy city like Amsterdam and the fact that we trust in both our talents are what make Hear Hear such a success. We get the most amazing feedback on Hear Hear every day and I’ve never been this happy going to work!”

What are your dreams for the shop?
“We have huge dreams! There are so many awesome products I’d like to sell here. The shop has only been going for a year, but gushing clients often tell me Hear Hear may be their favorite shop in Amsterdam. That’s a wonderful compliment! It would be amazing if Hear Hear made it onto some top ten lists. And once that happens I may dare dream of another shop in another city….”