Issue 28 is here!

Flow Issue 28

The new issue of Flow Magazine is here! And just to pique your curiosity, we’ve listed a few of things you’ll find inside.

  • Looking at life differently
    It’s nobody’s idea of fun, but it pays to think about death now and then. Journalist Caroline Buijs explores life’s finiteness.
  • Tiny pleasures
    They may be small, but they can pack a powerful punch: there’s no denying that it’s the little things in life that count. Here’s an illustrated checklist of just a few of life’s little pleasures.
  • Seeing red
    Like the main character in a bizarre road movie, a little red car would feature prominently on almost every postcard from the Sixties and Seventies. We take a look at its journey through Europe.
  • Get lost
    Journalist Chris Muyres reveals the benefits of straying off the beaten path – both literally and figuratively – every now and then.
  • Flow extras: Flow mini course workbook: how do get more out of a book and transparent stickers.

Issue 28 is now available in selected bookstores and in our shop.

Flow issue 28

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