Flow launches first social media out of office

Social out of office

Isn’t it strange that you can use an out-of-office reply on your Outlook, or send calls to voicemail, but that it’s not possible on Whatsapp, Instagram, or other social media? While we know as no other that being offline occasionally is sorely needed in our 24/7 lives.

So, would you like to be unresponsive on social media for a while without feeling guilty? From now on you can let people know that you won’t react for a while with Flow Social OOO, Flow’s Social Out of Office message.

How does it work?

Flow, together with illustrator Penelope Dullaghan, has made some funny and sweet GIFs, which convey the message that you’re going to be unresponsive for a bit because you’re offline. These Social out-of-office messages can be used on all social media, because there is an automatic link to Giphy. It couldn’t be any easier.

The gifs are easy to find and to post or to send, for example in your Instastories, FB update or Whatsapp. How? It’s very simple. Use #flowsocialooo while looking at gifs.

You can also find them at Giphy.com/flowmagazine.

Not familiar with posting gifs yet? Find a how-to here: Flowmagazine.com/socialooo.

Flow helps slow life down a bit

Flow arrived on the scene ten years ago this year and we are celebrating our anniversary with a big Slow Down campaign. In order to really slow down, it’s crucially important to be offline or unavailable now and then. With Flow Social OOO you can let your friends, family and followers know that you’re taking an evening off, not available for a weekend, or maybe even holiday without your phone. Upload or send #flowsocialooo and dawdle a bit.