The Flow Diary 2019 is here!

Flow Diary 2019

Our new Flow Diary for next year is here. Read a little more about it.

Opening a brand new diary is always a magical moment: a new year ahead of you, with lots of empty pages that remind you that everything is still possible. Soon, those blank pages will no doubt be full of appointments, lists, fun things to do, surprises, chores and vacations. We hope your diary will be full of lots of exciting plans—as well as the occasional empty page, of course. Good luck!

The Flow Diary 2019 is illustrated by US-based Dinara Mirtalipova, a self-taught artist originally from Uzbekistan. This large-format diary comes with various extras such as stickers, postcards and paper clips, which you can all store in the little pocket in the back of the diary.

  • The Flow Diary 2019 is now available in our webshop and in stores world-wide.

Flow Diary 2019