Flow Book for Paper Lovers 3

We all have things that we look forward all year round: the Christmas tree being hauled in through the front door, the first day without a coat, waking up to a thick blanket of snow, or seeing the bulbs you planted begin to bloom. For us, it’s when we start making the new Flow Book for Paper Lovers, our super-thick special, chock full of paper goodies and no text. The best part is putting it all together. Which four main designers will we work with this year? What paper delights will we put inside? Will we be able to get everything we want within budget? Which illustrators will we approach to create all the other beautiful drawings, quotes and designs? And how do we ensure that everything we do choose will fit neatly – and stay neat – in the super-thick paper package and that, when it all comes together, it will make a pretty, sturdy book? It’s a huge job; one that entails a lot of juggling, but one that we, together with the printer and art director, really love to sink our teeth into and find so much fun to do.

When we first came up the idea for the Book for Paper Lovers, we never imagined that it would one day be available in shops all around the world, from Tokyo to San Francisco. And that it would be such a great calling card for Flow. Which is why the minimal text that is in there, is in two languages: English and Dutch.

Another 300 paper goodies, all of which you can take out and use. Writing paper, envelopes, stickers, labels, posters, folding projects, garlands, gift-wrap, gift tags, postcards, small DIY projects and more. This time, the four artists who made the basic designs are: Marloes de Vries (the Netherlands), Suzanne Nuis (the Netherlands), Aiko Fukawa (Japan) and Tara Lilly (US). Their work can be found throughout the book. Flow’s Astrid: “I think everything that they made is absolutely wonderful, and that’s coming from someone who has been looking at it day-in-day-out for the past three months! In addition to that, there are lots of other artworks inside from other artists. Yet, out of all the hundreds of paper goodies, here are three favorites that I already want to share with you:”

  • The Today is… mini poster, with a rotating disk that enables you to indicate your mood every day. A little bit of daily fun, with hand lettering by Bodil Jane.
  • A removable, folding paper house made by illustrator Yelena Bryksenkova, with little people too. I love the dollhouse feel of it, with its mini rooms and people that you can put inside.
  • Two garlands. One made from lovely letters, which is tucked away in the flap at that back of the book. The other is a beautiful sturdy garland of lovely pastel-colored stars connected by a string.