Five ways to use the Flow backpack

Flow backpack

We’re so happy with the new Flow backpack that’s now in our web shop! It’s made of cotton and features an illustrated pattern by Bodil Jane. Here are five ways you could put it to use.

  1. For your shopping
    It’s perfect for carrying all those fragile items, such as loose fruit or vegetables. In the upcoming issue 29, we will feature a story about zero waste and shopping with your own containers and bags, so keep an eye out for that
  2. Protection for your books
    Perfect for those times when you want to take a book out with you, and want to keep it protected. Our backpack is small enough to hold a book and fit inside your main bag. Alternatively, you can place several books in it and carry it on your back.
  3. For sports or swimming
    Use it for your wet stuff when you go swimming, or to put your sportswear in.
  4. (Dirty) shoes
    Great for when you’ve taken a walk in the forest and want to change shoes for the way home. Pop your dirty shoes in the backpack, and everything else stays clean.
  5. Give it as a gift
    To your neighbour, for example, because she took care of your plants. Or to your children to use for their gym class.
  • The Flow backpack costs €9.95 and is available in our web shop.