Daily moments app

A new proverb, insight or beautiful quote on your smartphone every day. In other words:  A year’s worth (366 days, as it’s a leap year)  of daily Flow moments. With illustrations by Carolyn Gavin.

The Flow Daily Moments app costs €1.99  (in the App Store and Google Play).



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  1. I have the app but after the new year in Jan. 2016, it just starts at Jan 1 every time I open it- it is so annoying. Will there be an update to fix this?

  2. My husband gifted me the Flow365 app. I cannot find anywhere to get support for that app. It looks like this app is a replacement for that one. When I open the app in iOS 10, the app simply shows me the splash screen and then quits. I would like to either get my money back for that app so I can buy this one or get an update to that app so that I can use it.

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