Flow from home: who, what, where

Like so many of you, we became working-from-homers overnight. This involved quick makeovers of spare rooms, furniture rearranging, dusting and general prettifying. On the plus side: We get to look at our colleagues’ homes during web meetings.

Creative director Astrid:
“The beautiful magnolia tree outside the window of my new office – aka the ironing room – brings me a lot of solace. I didn’t have a desk at home before; I always used the dining table. I take home pine cones and pretty sticks I find on my walks, and put them in front of the window.”

Creative director Irene:
“It took me just one day to transform my ‘random stuff room’ into the best workspace in the house (where I take the occasional meditative moment to arrange the books by color). I just have to make sure my resident adolescents don’t steal my new home office…”

Managing editor projects Caroline:
“I used to work from home for the biggest part of the week anyway, but I did add the ‘Let’s Stay Home’ garland above my desk. When we included the garland in the fourth edition of the Flow Book for Paper Lovers Special a few years ago, we had no idea that it would ever be this relevant.”

Online editor Bente:
“I suspect that my cats Cor and Moos like my home office more than I do. When I chase one of them off the desk, the other one jumps on. Which is just great during video calls.”

Intern Anna:
“I primarily work at the dining table. Perhaps surprisingly, having an episode of Friends on in the background helps me concentrate: I know all the episodes pretty much off by heart so I don’t even have to look at the screen.”

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