Decluttering: do you really need this?

Do you really need this? …or is this the gentle nudge that you needed to start (thinking about) decluttering? In issue 37 you will find a visual guide that may help you on your way. 

All the stuff that is still sitting in boxes after your last move, textbooks from your school days, a half-finished craft project, random foreign coins… Only the staunchest minimalist doesn’t have a collection of things that have no real purpose, but that can still be difficult to get rid of simply because they give you comfort or remind you of that brilliant summer vacation in 2004.

Here are some visual prompts of often-encountered space occupiers; there’s every chance that they are lurking in your kitchen cupboards, under your bed or on shelves in the spare room. Have a look at which of these you are ‘guilty’ of having stashed away for no other reason than you feel you can’t get rid of them. As you go through each item, think about what it represents in your life and whether it is perhaps okay to love it and let it go.

Text Caroline Buijs Illustrations Lotte Dirks Photography Darwin Vegher/