Wire art

Donata Curtotti creates beautiful, airy 3D wire pieces that each tell a small story. “The simplicity and almost poetic quality of wire fascinate me,” she says. “If I had to describe my work in three adjectives, they would be: Fascinating, engaging and all-encompassing. Working with my hands completely relaxes me and frees my mind. When I’m creating an object, I feel entirely at peace.”

The Italian artist and mother-of-two started a blog several years ago, called Le Bianche Margherite (Italian for “white daisy”) to document her time at home with her children, and named it after her daughters, Bianca and Margherita. While raising her girls, Donata began to create wire pieces for the home, finding tutorials and inspiration online, and as her skills developed, so did her portfolio of works. Now, Donata is regularly commissioned to create personal items such as wire paintings, cake toppers and more, that celebrate an important event, such as a marriage or birth.

Another interesting fact about Donata is that she’s part of a group of creatives who have started an initiative to launch an Italian edition of Flow (#flowinitaliano), and who have proclaimed Friday as #flowmagazineday.

Image Donata Curtotti