Six tips for slow looking

slow looking

The next time you visit a museum, don’t try to see everything. Find a select few pieces to focus on, instead. By taking your time and considering fewer artworks, you will see much more. We share six tips for slow looking.

  1. Try to visit a museum or exhibition during quiet periods of the day, for example late in the afternoon. You don’t have to spend ages there; half an hour is nice too.
  2. When you enter a room, choose an artwork that speaks to you or moves you.
  3. Look at the shape, the colors, the figures, the narrative, the details. Allow questions to form in your mind.
  4. Make notes about what you are seeing (in a notebook or if you prefer just in your head).
  5. Change position. Look at the work from a different angle. Walk around it.
  6. Done looking? Think about what made the most impression on you. What surprised you? What still surprises you?

(Courtesy of Thinking Museum)

  • You can find the article ‘Slow Art’ in Issue 16.

Text Catelijne Elzes  Photography Emerson Peters/