The Swedish lifestyle of Elisabeth Dunker

Elisabeth Dunker

Swedish writer, designer, stylist and artist Elisabeth Dunker effortlessly combines Scandinavian simplicity with her eclectic collection of ceramics.  She believes style is personal, which might explain why her blog and brand, Fine Little Day, are so popular.

Sometimes, we meet people we would love to switch lives with. Elisabeth Dunker is one of these people. Scrolling through her photos on Instagram makes you wonder why you’ve actually never been to Sweden, and you even start secretly planning a move in your head. You feel an indescribable urge to visit the places she captures on camera, such as the geometric windows in the historic Hagabadet building where she does yoga, or the tops of the pine trees enshrouded in fog in the Småland forest area, or to just sit on one of the old school chairs at her white dining room table. No embellishment; just the plain truth. In the photos in which she is pictured, she stares deliberately into the lens. Everything exudes calm.


Dunker is a writer, stylist, designer, artist, photographer and the founder of Fine Little Day. She started blogging in 2007 to draw more attention to the small and simple things in her day-to-day life. She posted photos of great interior design discoveries and objects she found at flea markets, but also images of her walks in the forest and the wildflowers she picks in the spring.

People all over the world fell in love with the Swede’s original yet simple style. Her fondness for traditional and handmade items, as well as a variety of art forms, is a welcome exception in a society where technology and speed reign supreme. She refers to these things 
as ‘holistic antidepressants’. Before she knew it, Dunker was being featured in magazines such as Vogue Living, and appearing in numerous lists of the best interior and design blogs.

Fine Little Day has since grown to become a brand with a web shop as well as a brick-and-mortar store in Gothenburg where Dunker lives, and she works with Ikea and Urban Outfitters, among other retailers. She has also published an inspiring interior ideas book and will be starting on a follow-up to this later this year. One of her greatest gifts might be her ability to give people the feeling that her enviable sense of style is attainable for anyone.

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Text Hedwig Wiebes  Fotografie Elisabeth Dunker (@finelittleday)

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