School of Life

Yes, now and then we, too, go back to school. Pretty cool school though. Flow’s Joyce recently attended a class at the School of Life in Amsterdam. The School of Life is an initiative of the philosopher Alain de Botton. After first opening in London, the School of Life now has opened branch locations from Melbourne to Rio de Janeiro. Its founding idea is to consciously stand still for a moment by everyday things. Because while you learn a lot of things at school (from algebra to French) when you are young, where can you learn about the art of life? Well, here. They tackle subjects such as: How to Make Friends. Or: How to Stay Calm in this Busy Era. Or: What Am I Good At and What Do I Choose. The great thing about the School of Life is that the institute has a very low threshold and the subjects are very diverse. You are not stuck with courses that take months; it’s possible to attend only one evening now and then. Joyce picked the workshop: How to Have a Better Conversation. An enjoyable evening immersed in wise words, in the company of about twenty other people. This gave it a personal touch, unlike being at a lecture, says Joyce. We thought their funny video was pretty amusing to start off with. You can check out the School of Life on their site: