Pinning with Penelope

Thank you, Emily Isabella, for the beautiful images you pinned on the ‘Friends of Flow’ board in January. And now the baton is handed over to Penelope Dullaghan, who will be our guest pinner this month. Penelope collaborated with us for the Flow Book for Paper Lovers and you can also admire her work in Issue 22.

What can we expect this month?
“I use Pinterest as a means of collecting beautiful, inspiring images, and I like being able to share them. I particularly like to find different art forms, such as designs made from ceramics or wire. I tend to arrange my finds in color schemes, like a color palette. I also really like it when the collected images evoke a certain feeling.”

In her spare time, Penelope loves to enjoy coffee, making fires and going for walks. Her preferred subjects to draw are elements from nature, such as flowers, seed pods and leaves. Which means there’s a good chance we’ll see some of these up on our Pinterest board!

  • Penelope will be sharing her favorite images on the ‘Friends of Flow’ Pinterest board. You can follow her gallery here.
  • If you’d like to see the boards of Emily and our other previous guest pinners, visit our Pinterest page.
  • You can see more of Penelope’s work on her website, in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers and in Issue 22. You can also read more about Penelope in our blog here.

Illustration: Penelope Dullaghan