A passion for coffee

canyon coffee

In each issue of Flow, we ask three creative entrepreneurs: ‘what are you up to’? In Issue 29, we talk to Casey Wojtalewicz 
and Ally Walsh, who create and sell their own coffee under the name of Canyon Coffee.

What is it with you and coffee?

“Coffee is a mutual passion of ours. When we met, we were both on the road for work a lot: Casey for music and Ally for modeling. Finding local roasters on our travels became a favorite pastime. We would send beans home to each other 
to enjoy, and grew to cherish the simple pleasure of waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee together. Before long, 
our passions for coffee and travel intertwined. That combination became the seed from which Canyon sprouted.”

Can you describe your morning coffee ritual?

“Whoever is up first will start the coffee: heating up water on the stove, measuring and grinding the beans (this usually entices the other one to wake up). We make pour-overs at home because we enjoy the mindfulness of the ritual. It’s a great way to start the day off with something that slows you down and requires focus and attention.”

What is your favorite coffee?

“We like drinking black drip coffee. Our favorite coffees are smooth and chocolatey, which is why we tend to develop our beans to a ‘medium’ profile in the roasting process. It helps bring out those chocolate and caramel characteristics.”

  • Read the full interview with Ally and Casey in Issue 29.
  • Find out more about Canyon Coffee on their website.

Text Jeanette Jonker  Photography Canyon Coffee

canyon coffee