Living with more focus: 3 exercises

living with focus

Living more in the here and now: sounds great, right? But how do we go about it? It’s something we often forget to do in our daily lives. Here are some exercises to help you return to what you are now doing and seeing and to slow down, and also to help you realize that life isn’t perfect – and that’s just fine.

  1. Water moment

    There is an easy way to practice being more in the here and now. If you come into contact with water during your daily routine, try to stop and be aware of it. So, when you wash your hands, water the plants, take a shower or bathe your child, try to focus your attention on what you’re doing. It’s a simple yet concrete way of being aware of where you are.

  2. Take a little stroll

    Staying fit and slowing down actually go really well together; research has shown that walking around a bit at various moments during the day is much healthier than sitting the entire day, working hard, and then going to the gym twice a week. Traipsing around every day might sound like utopia, but something you can do is to amble over the coffee machine to get a cup of coffee (or tea), go for a walk if you need to make a call or walk over to your colleague instead of sending them an email.

  3. Reading aloud

    Even if you don’t have children or yours are a bit older, reading aloud or having someone read to you is always nice. See it as something you can’t do wrong; it’s a relaxed moment to share with someone you feel comfortable with.

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