Insights to help you feel less stressed


Journalist Caroline Buijs collects beautiful insights, sentences, tips and ideas in a small, personal self help-booklet. She shares some of her most valuable insights with us that can help you a little less stressed.

  • Stop investing energy in imagining scenarios that trigger anxiety
  • Trust that things will end well so you can free yourself from a huge burden
  • Making choices and setting boundaries is the only way to fundamentally deal with a shortage of time
  • Instead of fighting exhaustion with rest, try to avoid getting tired by taking breaks and relaxing before it’s too late
  • Turn the ‘I’ll-just-do-this-quickly’ moments (watering the plants, folding laundry) into opportunities to relax
  • Feeling guilty causes mild yet chronic stress
  • Feeling flattered is a bad counselor
  • Stop comparing yourself with others and being impressed by people with long working weeks or who don’t need much sleep
  • Stay true to yourself (and don’t let others rush you or scare you off)
  • Follow your internal compass and accept yourself for who you are
  • Remember the load we bear is different for everyone. The objective weight of a burden is not as important as the way people view their obligations, life events or problems
  • Celebrate your successes

*Curious about Caroline’s self help-booklet, and how you can start one yourself? Find the full story ‘Homemade self-help’ in Issue 30.

Text Caroline Buijs  Photography Nathan Dumlao/

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