The illustrations of Madalina Andronic

Madalina Andronic

In every issue, we check in with people who are doing what they love to find out about their projects. In Issue 30, we talk to Madalina Andronic, who is an illustrator.

You’re originally from Bucharest, Romania. Why did you move to Italy?

“For the change of scenery and for the sake of my over-worked mind. Life in Bucharest was getting too busy and tiring. It was a rinse-and-repeat cycle of waking up too early, spending long hours in traffic, and coming home too late.

So when my husband changed jobs and started working from home, we decided to turn our life into a vacation, or at least try and see what it feels like. We love Italy, and during a short trip to Puglia we decided we like the slow-living and the good food, and so we rented a house.”

How would you describe your style?

“It is a combination of how I draw my characters, the colors I use and a touch of folklore. There’s always something about love and a feeling my illustrations awaken in the viewer.”

How did you became a professional illustrator?

“I finished my Master of Arts in Illustration in London, UK, in 2011, and I decided that I didn’t want to be employed, but rather earn my money doing what I love and what I have learned. So I’ve been a freelance illustrator ever since. I set up a blog, built my portfolio, shared my work, and projects started to roll in.”

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Text Jeanette Jonker  Photography

Madalina Andronic

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