Flow Book for Paper Lovers

Hooray, Flow’s new Book for Paper Lovers is now available! And we are so proud. As we write in the foreword of the book: We’re not really fans of doing or making the same things again. We’d much rather come up with something new each time. But when our first Flow Book for Paper Lovers sold out, and we got emails about it from all over the world, we looked at each other and said: Hey, let’s just do it again anyway. Because it was so much fun to make. And because we ourselves actually really wanted another exciting, new, thick paper package. Another book without any letters (well, almost…), and with more than 300 pages of stationery instead. With lots and lots of paper to write on, to tear out, to glue together, to cut, and to fold.

Want a peek at the new Paper Lovers book? View some of the pages here.

Flow Book for Paper Lovers costs €16.95, and is available in shops and online, here. If you order it online, you can also opt to buy it in combination with our special-edition Tony’s Chocolonely & Flow chocolate bar!